A garrison is made up of plots, which are filled by buildings.

  • You can’t have every building at once, as you are limited by the number of plots.
  • Each building has a base level and two possible upgrades.
  • There are buildings for almost every profession, which allow you to gather reagents daily and make some of that profession’s items.
  • The base level profession building only can hold one day’s worth of reagents, so you have to collect them every day. As you upgrade, the building can hold two and then four days worth of reagent batches.
  • Each building has specializations, which gives you some kind of perk, such as portals, more reagents, or buffs to followers.
  • Each building sits on a different plot size, with Profession buildings requiring small plots. The Mine, Fishing Hut, Farm, and Pet Menagerie are listed as unique plot types.


The Menagerie provides new opportunities to develop and enhance your pet retinue.

  • GarrBuilding #42 -Provides new pet options and unlocks pet missions.