These are the new Pets found in the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.


  • TEST Hydraulics: Win a pet battle with an Aquatic and a Mechanical pet on your team.
  • TEST If One Is Good…: Win a battle with 3 Vengeful Porcupette pets
  • TEST Beast Beat-down: Finish a battle with a Beast ability.
  • TEST We’ve Got a Bleeder!: Win a pet battle with Bleeding as the final damage.
  • TEST Survivalist: Win with three pets alive!

New Items

Garrisons: Menagerie

The Menagerie is a building that develops and enhances your pet retinue. Not much is known about the Menagerie yet, but there have been tweets about a rare pet vendor and pet trainer teams that visit the Garrison.


Blue Tweets

On the Menagerie:

@Trike_Dealer Its the Menagerie now, and yes, no breeding. It will offer some very cool pet battles bonuses though!

— Mumper (@mumper) May 28, 2014

@JorgeAntonioDS The Menagerie building will be the place for pet battles in the Garrison. Unique vendor, NPC battles and more.

— Mumper (@mumper) February 10, 2014

.@thox6 Exactly. Both the stables and pet stable will let you display your favorite pet/mount for all to see. Starts with 5, upgrades to 10.

— Mumper (@mumper) January 18, 2014 On a potential Garrison trainer:

This pint-sized trainer looks familiar. She might just visit your garrison in the future. pic.twitter.com/BemGzFVDEC

— Jonathan LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) March 24, 2014

On purchasing hats for your pug in WoD:

@liopleurodonic They will likely be sold by the rare pet vendor that can appear in your garrison.

— Jonathan LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) March 28, 2014

Pet Breeding

@saluce65 We decided against pet breeding for the 6.0 launch. Mainly balance and content concerns.

— Mumper (@mumper) April 17, 2014

Pet Stones

@DavidMireault Here ya go: We will be introducing a new type of battle pet stone that grants levels to pets instead of quality.

— Mumper (@mumper) May 29, 2014

New Pets

Engineers have figured out how to miniaturize the Iron Star into a battle pet?! What should we call it? pic.twitter.com/hufZtk2a4z

— Jonathan LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) March 7, 2014

On upcoming pets:

No pet battle patch notes? Baby hippos, baby gronn, carpnado, elite pet trainers, eggs, and leveling stones. Boom. Plus more. #tipsytweets

— Jonathan LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) April 4, 2014

On seeing more diverse Wild Pet types at WoD’s launch:
That’s the plan. — Jonathan LeCraft (@TheCrafticus) May 18, 2014