Blizzcon2016_BadgeBase_DemoHere is a sample of my main character Arashi – Burning Blase would look like as a Blizzcon Badge art. The orb is the Warcraft Warrior Color, and since she is a Bloodelf, she has the horde logo below the name. If you want a different icon, please let me know, I’ve made the Alliance lion so don’t worry.

Next to the order form, you have a sample piece for the six Battle Pet Promo I have for Blizzcon 2015.  This Badge is made for one of the people working for for Blizzcon 2015, but you could have your two favorite Battle Pets teams with you at Blizzcon!

Please follow the instructions below to place an order.

For 45$ USD you will get one laminated portrait of you character mailed to you and a digital print for you to use on your favorite Social Media site. When placing the order please fill the form with all the information needed. You can also write me the information on Twitter, email or even within PayPal.

I will also be streaming the art on Twitch, so you can see your badge in full production and give feedback as I work on it.











Blizzcon 2016 Badge ArtWarcraftPetsBadge1

  • (One head-shot print and digital print)
  • Regular Shipping via Canada Post

Add Battle Pets with your character

  • 5$ per Battle Pet

Special Blizzcon 2015 – You favorite 6 Battle Pets Art Badge

Tracking Shipping

  • 15$ for Canada
  • 20$ for USA

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