Star Wars Death Star Mood modeling

This Death Star mood map is 4 hour project to make a small map to get the feeling of walking in a Star Wars Death Star. I’ve used the Unreal Engine, and a little of photoshop from some noise textures. I am planing to complete this map and post the updates here too.

Level Art and Props in Unreal 4
Overwatch Garrison


This is a level and prop demo project I’m working on in Unreal 4. I’m rebuilding Garrison huts from the Warlords expansion of World of Warcraft using PBR shaders and lighting.
The base meshes are made in 3D Studio Max 2014, the Hi-poly are made in zBrush, and the textures are made in Photoshop.
The character in the map is not ripped from Warcraft. She’s made for this project, and others I have in mind. Base mesh was made in 3D Studio Max, Hi-poly made in zBrush, and the textures in Substance Painter. Rigging of the character is coming soon.
You can download the demo map by pressing the download button on the side. I’m using the first-person viewer so you can explore the huts I have made.







Warcraft Zelda Master Sword

The Zelda master sword is a hand-painted prop made in 3D Studio Max, and textures by hand in 3D Coat 4.1. The PBR textures are made in Photoshop.
You can view the model below.
The Sword is also featured in the demo above in a few places in the different huts.

WarcraftMasterSword_Render WarcraftMasterSword_textureDemo



Shattered is the final project I did for Campus ADN. For this project, I was a Concept Artist for the environment and characters, I was the Level Artist for the 6th level in the game, and the Character Artist for the NPC and Final Boss named Ch’Tael.

On the left you will find the different versions of Ch’Tael. I’ve updated its Shaders from Gloss/Spec maps to PBR maps for a more current game engine.
This project was done with 3D Studio Max, zBrush, and Unity 4.3.
I have made Shattered available for download on this site.
*Please use a game controller (xBox360 for PC) to play the game.

Characters: Ch’Tael


Level Art

I was the Level Artist for Level 6 of Shattered. The game was made in Unity 4.3, and is a free download, as a final project with Campus ADN.
The 6th level is a water dam in snow / ice. The environment is made with a snow Shader on top of the ground mesh, and the 3D elements / objects were made in 3D Studio Max and Zbrush. Textures were made in Photoshop or baked with xNormal.
I used ShaderForge in Unity to make more complicated Shaders to get the look I wanted for the game.
For Shattered, I made 70+ objects used in my level and re-used in other levels.
You can see a playthrough video on the right of the map I’ve made.