BlizzCon Art Badges

Here are some of the examples of the  latest 2D art I’ve made.
I’m selling Art badges for Blizzard Fans who are going to the next Blizzcon in November. I’ve added new ones for Blizzcon2016 on the page. More art to come!

I’ve also uploaded the speed videos on YouTube for people to watch how I draw / paint in Clip Paint Studio and in Photoshop.

 Current YouTube projects


For the Ling Space, I’ve helped with some of the setup and given some technical help.

At the moment, I’m the Editor for the Ling Space using the Adobe suite.


I’m the Writer and Animator using the Machinima technique for the Pets of Warcraft YouTube videos.

I use this platform to make fun short videos to give tips and tricks on the Pet Battle feature in World of Warcraft. Since I’ve started I’ve gotten 41k views on my videos and I’ve helped a lot of players collect new and rare pets!

Animation Tests and Shorts


 I love 2D animation, so I tried to make a simple game with a 2D hero in a 3D world using Unreal and Moho Animation.
This little project took about 2hours to do, I would love to tweak the animation a little, but I made this as a test if I could do something really fast and fun.
Here is the download file, all you need to do is un-Zip the file and play.


3d ball animation tests.

Made at Campus ADN


Two-robot animation

Made at Campus ADN


Robot IK animation test

Made at Campus ADN


Mechanical Rigging

Made at Campus ADN


Explosion animation test

Made at Campus ADN

Concordia animation projects

Made at Concordia University in 2005-2007.

Car Render

BMW Render

Made at Campus ADN